Solid Waste Collection

Environment-friendly practices and solutions for your business, organization and House.

House-to-House/Door-to-Door Solid waste collection services.
he company provides door-to-door collection services to the registered customers. This type of collection must follow the agreed schedules and operational plan. The customers need to abide with the rules and regulations of City Councils which require generators of solid waste to store their generated wastes in their owned dustbins and place it in front row of their houses for easy and prompt collection by waste pickers/collectors.
Solid Waste Collections
We are one of the fastest growing environmental services company in Tanzania, providing full range of waste collection services to City/Municipals, commercial and Industrial customers in Dar es salaam and Mwanza regions. All vehicles are tracked live by satellite for maximum efficiency and traceability. Specialist vehicle allow for cost effective collection of compactable waste, dense wastes (skips), bulk wastes (hook lift).
Supplying cleansing equipment, tools and electronic fiscal devices
The company supply cleaning equipment, tools and electronic fiscal devices for revenue/refuse fees collection to different customers including City/Municipal authorities, education institution, health facilities and industries. Type of materials supplied includes hand brooms, hand carts, wheelbarrow, tri-motorcycle, lawn cutting machine, uniforms for sanitary laborers, refuse fork, shovels, slashers and all personal protective equipment.
Street Sweeping and Cleansing services
The company operates a street cleaning schedule in accordance with the objectives of keeping city clean and to manage litter using modern and effective street cleansing techniques. Under the targets established in operations plan streets within the Central Commercial District along through fares etc. are generally cleaned on a daily basis. At a minimum all suburban residential streets are swept at least once every after 4 weeks however all such streets are inspected on a weekly basis by local area Inspector or Supervisor who arrange additional or immediate cleanings if they are required.

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