MS. Ntuli Damson Mwakamala

Founder and Managing Director

I take this opportunity to present our company website to esteem customers, partners, stakeholders and visitors to understand the type of services and products offered by GIN Investment Limited. Our Company is dedicated and committed to offer Municipal Solid Waste Management services, professionally with high quality standards to the customers demand and satisfactions.

I acknowledge the contribution of different people including the customers of our services, staffs and shareholders who made us to excel in the market for a period of fifteen years (15) since our establishment in the year 2004.

Our company strategic vision is to ensure Integrated Solid Waste Management system is operational in our operating system by 2030. GIN Investment Company Limited encourages an environment of innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit, which we feel differentiates itself in the marketplace. It is our goal to develop long term client relationships and market alliances that are based upon mutual respect, and communication.

Thank you for telling us when and where we have not done well. But above all. Thank you for making your contribution in our drive to make our Cities Clean and Sustainable

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